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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stop Excusing Our Young Men

Stop Excusing Our Young Men

Mothers we must stop making excuses for our son's. We must teach them to take responsibility for themselves. If we don't they will grow up to be irresponsible adults who make excuses for why they are not as successful as they could be. Expectations for our boys should be set high. Why? because they can achieve them. If we set low expectations they will meet those expectations and never exceed them. We are doing an injustice to our boys if we don't expect the best for them.We must encourage them, love them, teach them and expect nothing but the best and let them know excuses are not acceptable. In order for them to achieve the highest expectations, we must teach them, give them the foundation, tools, knowledge, self esteem and guide them on the pathway to personal success so they can achieve and hold them responsible for their choices and place. WE must love our son's! Not make excuses for them. Do you want your son who is grown up 35 still living in your home?

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