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Thursday, February 3, 2011

educators and care givers working together to benefit child

It is so important to have a supportive school that is able to address education, social emotional and family issues/concerns of each child. When a child begins having difficulty in a certain area, it is important that school and care givers recognize together, that way they can work together for the mutual benefit of the child. Providing adequate support and love is key. Some times kids start out the school year on target but as school year continues more is expected and difficulty can arise. If child is feeling the challenge it may affect self esteem. School performance and self esteem can go hand in hand. This makes feelings of self worth questionable and without support and forward movement it can have a devastating affect on a child. A great school has great educators who can recognize changes in children early on. The earlier something is detected and supports are put in place the better the outcome. This does not mean diagnosis, special education but just can mean extra help in certain areas, pulling a child out of class to give additional support or additional work to do at home to continue building skills. Care givers and educators in consistent communication can build on skills worked on in class at home to keep child on target. Laying positive self talk to promote good self esteem, strong language, counting, letter recognition along with knowing sounds are important since they are the foundation to reading, writing and math which is needed for life. If these skills are not built or addressed early on, we are setting up our children for life struggle. Lets work together, communicate and support and love our children so the best foundation is laid.