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Sunday, August 14, 2011


Mn used to have one of the better public school systems when I was growing up. Now it is failing our students of color and that is unacceptable. Schools systems are failing our kids across the nation. Race definately plays a role in this and goes back to what our country is founded on and extends to today. It is very sad and there are many pieces that play into why our children are failing but as a mother of a African American boy, it scares me. He will not play into what this country is built on. He will succeed no matter what and he definately will stay on his pathway to success. Why, because he has me who values education, who knows without it, his life will be taken away in some way. He deserves to live, happily and free and be able to do whatever he sets out to do in life and knowledge is one of those foundations that he needs to do this. This knowledge comes from education from me, his life experiences I give him, his daily lessons I teach him, the people around him daily and the schools I place him in.  I am a parent who is with him every step of the way and will do what is needed in order for him to succeed. The sad thing is many children do not have this support or parent who is able to do this. It scares me that if a child does not read by 3rd grade, he is on pipeline to prision. Prison is over populated with children of color, though we make up a small percentage of this country. It takes a village to raise a child. Our schools have to have dedicated leadership that trickles down to every person involved in the school process. Our children deserve caregivers who do not give up on them or the system and who will do what it takes to help their child succeed.....Working towards what is right.