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Saturday, November 19, 2011

random thoughts

 Our inner city communities are beautiful places with each own unique culuture and ways. They are also places where poverty, safety concerns, outright violence and instability is rampant. There is a seperation between the beauty and dispare. How do we get each person to feel safe and see the beauty in life? How do we get everyone to value themselves and one another, no matter who they are, where they come from or where they want to go? How do we bridge the gap? The US is one of the richest countries, yet our equity divide is so vast. Many reasons why, but in terms of community building, I would like to see school buildings more like community centers. I think this model would help make the community more involved, bring neighbors together and put the neighbor back in the hood.
Use the buildings to offer classes that are not offered during the day for kids as well as adults and families. Have resource centers that are like libraries, offer access to a variety of books and computer technology classes so our communities can keep up with the rest of the world as well as meet the needs of each community, which means the community voices need to be part of the design and application.  Also early childhood classes, senior classes and a program that brings seniors together with the youth. There is a divide between the generations. When this happens, respect decreases, understanding becomes less and knowledge of life is not handed down. Our history becomes unknown and is reduced to pieces instead of the whole beautiful enriching picture. Without our history, we have no foundation. This younger generations roots are disappearing. Also investment in our community business. Have wonderful places to shop and meet the needs of each community instead of preying on each other.
I would like to see schools have each teacher be excellent at their craft. Everyone is not meant to be a teacher. Being one is a unique talent and gift blestowed unto you. Principals are in leadership positions. Teachers are too as well as upper management. Being in a leadership position is not about the title, lable or self. A true leader uses the talents they are blessed with to uplift something greatet than self while continuing to build and grown their own blessings. So many misuse their roles.
Classroom size, Teacher voice and not enough time to teach each child, get support from one another and to not have the flexibility to teach creativily are all issues that are being voiced.  If we address and change these big issues will it really make the changes that are needed to truly reduce the academic divide? Will it really change the way our low income neighborhood schools succeed? Will it change the way children feel safe and see themselves and each other?  Will it change the college entry rate or the career readiness? Will it change the school to prison pipeline that relies on data from schools reading rate of 3rd grade readers? How does these issues play a role in schools that have these issues but are successful? What should be the focus to really make change happen so our kids are ready to compete in the world?