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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mother lion

Being a parent is more than a weekly check in. Or a monthly check in. My son is blessed to have a full time mother who is dedicated fully to him since the day I realized I was carrying him. He is blessed to have a family full of cousins, aunts and grandma who loves him so. along with extended family and friends who will be there along the way. Sadly his dad is not as connected as he should be.  I as a mother am over the excuses. I love the man, we were together for many years, a marriage without paper. I understand and will be his friend until the end but in terms of what our son needs, he is failing truthfully in deed. I have requested a big brother for him and am hopeful a beautiful black strong man will be placed in his life to develop the relationship that he deserves at this point. My son is a beautiful human being, I love him with every fiber I have and thank god daily for blessing me with him. We have begun the year with cub scouts. I am parent volunteer leader. Joining this group brings mixed feelings for me, as the boy scouts bring about fear in me due to fear of inappropriate relations. This is a fear of mine and that is why I am the volunteer parent who is co leader with the group but I also want him to grow in adult male relationships without mom overseeing every piece. Building strong relationships with other boys and men is extremely important, but I am scared of the unknown, so I, at this point must be involved at every level to insure his safety. I am unsure if other parents feel the same protection for their kids but I am a lionist who will slay the mightiest giant for my child and protect along the way to ensure his safety.

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