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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tired of the Blame Game

Why is their an achievement gap and where does it begin? It begins in the home. Parents need to stop putting self first, stop blaming others and expecting others to do their job. It doesn't matter how many kids you have. You choose to have them. It doesn't matter how many hours you work, many parents work long hard hours and raise wonderful children. Why? Because they parent their children. They take parenting as the most important job. They put everything they have into their children. Values, Beliefs, Social Skills, Respect, Responsibility, Accountability and high Expectations. Support, Encouragement and giving each child individual attention, one to one relationships, Experiences and Love is foundations for life. Teaching a child life skills from the start is how we close achievement gap. There wouldn't be one in beginning if all these things were done before they entered school. Learning abilities are only part of a child's success but how strong a foundation one has determines how far a child can go. Parenting does not stop when a child enters school. It never stops. We are always teaching our children. We must walk with them every step of their path until adulthood, than let go gradually and trust our job has been done well but we never stop teaching or being there. They need us until we are no longer here. I am tired of the blame game! How do we make excellent school for all? How does each child get a excellent education. Parents! Parents are the Educators. Parents are responsible for who they are, who they bring into the world and how they raise them up. The better equip students are who show up to school each day, the better the school environment is. The better foundation teachers have who really want to teach and are dedicated to teaching because they were raised with the passion and work ethic, the better the schools are. Everything starts with and ends with Parental Responsibility.

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