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Thursday, October 13, 2011

thoughts for ya

If your a true parent and your dedicated to your child, you shouldn't be that available to pursue a real relationship or be available to be pursued. Fun is fun. BS is BS but real relationships take real time to unfold beautifully. Also make sure your truly done with the past or you will bring it with you to your future and that causes you bs. Don't be afraid to truly let go. One must let go in order to truly grow. You are doing yourself, your child and others a disservice if you walk the line. In the end, even if you feel like your being respectful, really your just causing hopefulness that turns to unnecessary grief.
If your always available, you must be desperate or not truly into being the parent that you say you are. You will get what you put out. Fast, fun, no depth, over and done, next!  If one is impatient, they are not one who truly understands what a true parent is or what that is about. Do you really want them in the end? Patience, understanding, friendship, being real and spending time thats what its about. Quanity or quality? thats the question. I say Choose Quality. It last longer!

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