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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who's to blame? What do we do?

Listening to KMOJ radio this morning the discussion was how do we as adults and community help keep our youngsters away from drugs when many of them are exposed to it by their parents or other family members who smoke weed and drink right in front of them and some introduce and share in smoking and drinking with their teenagers. I have spoken to many parents who say they would rather have their children smoke with them instead of out in the streets, at least they can monitor what they are doing. Is this really the role model and value system we want for our children? Is there a correlation between teen parents, teen std's, crime? How than are we shocked when our children become dealers, become sexually active or begin doing harder drugs, since many call marijuana the gateway drug? Is Marijuana a gateway drug? We as adults can say do what I say, but in truth children do what they see. Are us adults and community causing the drug addiction of our youngsters?  Are we saying it is ok? Are we the reason there are so many teen parents? Are we teaching our children destructive ways of self medication? What is our role and responsibility as adults, parents and community to our children?  

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