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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Education Reinvestment

As our new Governor gets ready to talk education with Arnie Duncan this Friday he should keep in mind what is really important. Excellent schools for all.  In order for this to be achieved we need to step away from no child left behind which punishes the students by removing their principals and teachers if the school doesn't meet testing standards but does not address the core issues that got them to a failing point in the first place or assist in creating a pathway to success. We should be stepping forward to creating new and exciting curriculum that challenges and engages and puts all of our children on the road to success while addressing each school and communities diversity and specific needs. Adding enrichment activities, advanced placement, individual student support in addition to family and community support that meets the needs for each school plus add music class back into our schools is important. It is essential that we create a pathway from the beginning that sets all children on the road to educational and personal success. Reinvesting in our schools and our community needs really is an investment in our greatest commodity, our children, who are our future.

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