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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tips for developing reading skills with your children

Share the love of reading with your child. Make time to read out loud to your child daily or if they are able to, have them read to you. This is a great way to bond and develop skills.
Kindergarten children should read books with not many words but with lots of pictures to support the words of the story. Ask your children to sound out words they don't know and use the pictures to help tell the story.
Reading out loud to your children while using your finger to track the words from left to right helps children bring attention to the words being read and helps them learn that reading from left to right is the correct way to read.
Another way to support reading with your children is to point out bulletin boards and signs while driving in the car or walking in your neighborhood.
Learning to rhyme is another important piece in learning to read and build vocabulary. Making up a rhyming game that ask your child to think of words that rhyme with "bat" for example but use a different letter is a useful and fun way to build vocabulary.
Supporting your child's comprehension of what they read is also important. Asking them questions when you read aloud such as, what is happening, what will happen next, why, who. Keeping these interactions positive and fun is important because we as parents want to make learning fun and non threatening.
Help your child learn to write letters. Reading and writing go hand in and hand. Encouraging your child to write their name and other words and phrases is another way to support their development and skills.

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