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Monday, December 13, 2010

Children number 1 priority

Hello All. My name is Ms. B and I am based out of Minneapolis, Mn. It is cold and snowy here on this December early morning. We got dumped a few feet of snow and some of us are still buried in it. Schools are closed due to the below temps. Too cold to play out doors and the kids are bouncing off the wall.
I am a single mother who's world revolves around my child. I also am inspired by the eyes of a child and have worked with parents and their children in intervention and prevention child abuse programs as well as early childhood education programs. Children are our most important commodity in this life. We must nurture them, value them and raise them with their personal spirit intact. Each child is unique and their gifts and talents are their own. It is our job to expose them to as many opportunities and experiences which enhances their lives and helps their life take shape. Being a parent is the number one priority once you have a child. If you don't have any, being a good role model, friend or mentor is just as important as it takes more than one to raise a healthy and happy child. How do other parents feel about raising their children?

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